Not sure if you all realise how much I am a fan I am of California producer Baths, and when I saw this new track come through my feed yesterday, I think a little bit of wee came…

‘Big World’ is a gorgeous new tear-jerking lullaby that is driven by soft twinkling pianos, fluttering drum beats and warm atmospherics, that nestle up nicely against Baths‘ delicately sweet voice. You can catch its release this week on a compilation ep called ‘Up Too Early’, which has been curated by Los Angeles label ‘Friends of Friends’ alongside a very niche little selection of artists such as Kyson, Robot Koch, Jensen Sportag and The Album Leaf.

Baths‘ album ‘Obsidian’ was the soundtrack to about 2 years of my life, and still remains as one of those records I can go to at anytime and relive every moment like it was the first. If you’ve never heard it or love it as much as I do, let’s all spend some time together with it now.

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