Indigenous West Australian artist Ziggy returns this week with another powerful new track and music video titled ‘Black face’, which is centered around the subject of racism within Australia, and how it is still being accepted as a form of humour within certain circles/communities.

Personally I don’t find this to be a “thing” in my world, but I actually live in quite a multiculturally diverse city, surrounded by many open-minded and respectful friends & family. The thing is though, as soon as I step out of that city “bubble”, I do find people’s ideals are not the same as those inside my “bubble” and it is really shocking – my point is that even though you may not see it as an issue where you live, it is most definitely something that many Australians are dealing with every day.

“This single is more about the fact that we as a country still accept racism as just a joke. The historical context of Blackface in Australia needs to be talked about, and it’s something that isn’t funny. We shouldn’t always be the butt of the joke. I am only talking about my own personal experience; I want people to come to their own understanding about these issues. I am just a catalyst for conversation.” – Ziggy

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