Let me preface this review by saying, IT WAS THE BEST FUCKING NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!! If you grew up in the 90s this was THE ultimate 90s dance party of all time featuring a line-up of exceptional proportion.

My girlfriends and I had been looking forward to this night for months, having discussed the necessity to dress up in 90s get-up and all. What unfolded for the entire four hours exceeded our expectations. Again I say, it was the best fucking night of my life!

There was no mucking around with this night of 90s celebrations and 170 Russell was packed on a Sunday night at 7:30pm. What is life!? To kick things off was none other than Joanne absolutely nailing ‘So Damn Fine’ and of course ‘Jackie’. Then, the ever so sexy Whigfield hit the stage in a black cat suit giving us her all with ‘Sexy Eyes’. The 90s nostalgia was well and truly underway.

If ever there was an artist to rock the double denim with ‘Looney Tunes’ insignia on it, it would have to be Sonique. What a badass! Her intense stares and muscular movements were everything as she pumped out ‘It Feels So Good’ and ‘Sky’. We were living. The highlight of the night though came at the halfway point when Crystal Waters blasted onto the stage with two sexy black male back up dancers. Hot dayuuuum!!!! This woman was absolute fiyah as she slayed her 90s hits ‘Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)’, ‘100% Pure Love’ and ‘Destination Unknown’. #NotCoping with life by this point.

Following this roof raising performance we were delighted by the classic Tina Cousins. Now, you gotta love her but geez she was pitchy and literally all she wanted us to do was scream. It’s like babes, we’re screaming you don’t need to tell us! She bought us those hits that we know and love though, like ‘Wonderful Life’, ‘Forever’ and ‘Pray’, and it was bloody amazing. Go Tina!

But the moment we had all been waiting for was fast upon us and holy shit, we were ready to get even more loose. The Vengaboys were actually the best thing I’ve ever seen. So slick, so tight, their choreography was on point and they gave us their all. Their one hour and 15 minute set was dynamite bringing us their biggest bangers of all time including ‘Up & Down’, ‘We’re Going to Ibiza!’, ‘Hot Hot Hot’, ‘Kiss (When The Sun Don’t Shine)’, ‘Shalala lala’, ‘We Like to Party! (The Vengabus), and of course closing the night out with ‘Boom Boom Boom Boom’.

Not only did they satisfy with these chart toppers but they also performed many of their other tracks, and it was everything! I especially loved their idea of our Australian anthem being Kylie Minogue’s ‘Can’t Get You Out of my Head’, and their special lap dance to a fierce drag queen to Prince’s ‘Kiss’. We honestly didn’t want the night to end.

Thank God for Snapchat and Instagram story because today, we can watch it all over again and relive the hype. What my friends and I took away from the night was that this was exactly what clubbing would have bee like in the 90s, and dear God it was euphoric. I really hope this isn’t the last time we get a night like this because again, it was THE BEST FUCKING NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!

Rating: ★★★★★

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author: Kara Bertoncini