Just a few weeks ago, Aussie producer POOLCLVB gave us the first peek at his forthcoming debut EP with a summery new track called ‘Always’, and this week he is excited to share two incredible remixes of that track from Brisbane duo Odd Mob and US producer Ocular.

“We went a little bit more experimental with this remix whilst still retaining the summery-road trip vibes of the original” – Odd Mob

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“The first time I heard the track and the vocals I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. Most of my tracks lately have been more graves and MYRNE-esque but I went back to my roots with this one.” – Ocular

‘Always’ is available now through etcetc music, ahead of POOLCLVB’s forthcoming debut ‘You + Me EP’ which is seeing its release in January 2017.

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