Just a few weeks ago we were treated to what I thought was quite an incredible track called ‘Don’t Look Down’, which came from an artist out of Melbourne who goes by the name elkkle, and I am very pleased that he is back so soon with another great release.

‘Soft Erasure’ is the name of elkkle’s new wonky-electronic track, which is kind of like a B-side to ‘Don’t Look Down’, but not really cause it’s just as intriguing and beautiful as its predecessor, and well worthy of its own space and presence.

“Lyrically its definitely all heartbreak. But for me, to sum it up, its like getting drunk and bringing a bull into your own china shop. Then you wake up in the morning and all you can really do is say to yourself ‘dont be mad at the bull, dont be mad at yourself, just work out how to clean this up and move on’.” – elkkle

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‘Soft Erasure’ is available now on iTunes or Spotify, and you can also grab a free download via elkkle’s Soundcloud page where you’ll also find the recently released A-side track, ‘Don’t Look Down’.

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