When you know a gig is going to start at 1am you need to mentally and physically prepare yourself. So yes, I did have a late afternoon nanna-nap, and yes I did have dinner at 10pm. Switching up my body clock to get fully turnt with Slander my friends is something I’d suggest anytime because I lasted 100% sober until the very end!

To get the night started, my friends and I went to a hip-hop club to warm the body up for dem trap beats. Very smart move; we felt limber and ready to party. Cut to 12:30am and we made our way over to ‘Max Watt’s’ for what we thought was a 1am start time to find out Slander weren’t on until 2am. Crikey! Talk about a spanner in the works. Not to worry though, we had Stace Cadet and Airwolf to pump us up with those heavy electronic beats.

2am actually came around a lot quicker than we thought, and with an almighty bass explosion Slander hit the decks. It was exactly what the doctor had ordered; sharp electronics and those dark trap beats that took us to new heights every single drop. It was just banger after banger and I can’t even express how naturally high this music made me feel. I was surrounded by couples tripping out together and a crazy circle of death, but nothing distracted me from the mastery of Derek and Scott.

The lighting show that accompanied their set was on point and added to the overall euphoric experience. Now, while the venue wasn’t packed out, those who were there you could tell were die-hard Slander fans and suckers for an epic banger or two. It all came to an end just before 4am and I found myself showered and tucked into bed by 5am. To be honest, I couldn’t do this every weekend but it was well worth it this time around.

Rating: ★★★★★

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author: Kara Bertoncini