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You gotta love a humpday gig, especially when it’s an artist you’ve been frothing over all year. Producer extraordinaire Kaytranada ventured to our shores for a sold-out headline tour this month, and last night was his second show in Melbourne – Phwoar! Kaytranada really is the man.

Gifting us with all the hits from his debut album ‘99.9%’, Kaytranada eased us into a groove that felt good on the body. As the set went on, little surprises came through his mixes including a bit of Janet Jackson, Flume, Rihanna, Solange and Michael Jackson. Sampling these artists gave us an indication as to who he draws inspiration from, and how widespread his love for music is. It’s hard to define what genre Kaytranada is but if you think about his playfulness with rhythms, it’d be sufficient to say he’s kind of alternative R&B with a hint of trap soul.

Given Kaytranda’s music isn’t the kind where you get fully turnt to sick drops, it may be hard for some to really get into it. Awkwardly, he made comment that we weren’t dancing enough but, I’d like to point out that the people over in my section definitely were, except for this couple who literally stood directly in front of me and didn’t even shimmy a shoulder. #MoveBitchGetOutTheWay Suffice to say they left before the set ended. I couldn’t stop moving. Kaytranada’s music flows through the body and even seeing him bust a few moves here and there, with a bit of freestyle choreography, firstly was really hot, but secondly, it made you vibe with him on that level.

Crowd favourites of the night included ‘Got It Good’, ‘Glowed Up’, ‘You’re The One’ and ‘Together’ but to be honest, the whole set was really strong and boy was he giving it 100%. The last half an hour was filled with heavy trap beats and I think that’s what the crowd were after, especially for a Wednesday night. It’s kind of weird to be out like this on a school night but it felt so liberating and naughty. Bring on more humpday gigs I say; best way to get you through the week and ready for the weekend.

Rating: ★★★★

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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