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words by Ethan Cardinal

‘Gemini’ is both the perfect title for not only the track, but the shift of perspective in its creation from Australian duo, PLGRMS. A complete transformation into a brooding, darker shade of ambience in comparison to their first two singles, ‘Fools and Their Gold’ as well as ‘Pieces’. ‘Gemini’ doesn’t concern itself with the sonically uplifting nature of the first two singles but instead exemplifies succumbing to the nature of an alter ego taking a hold of the mind and ‘Gemini’ projects visions of a different reality in the mind of those who are willing to listen to the subtle shade of darkness intertwined with the beautifully created haunting atmosphere in the lyrics.

The duality in both the creation of a darker track and comparison to its other predecessors, manifests a challenge in both its production and strength alone. And yet, ‘Gemini’ stands as a stark contrast against the first two singles without the need of excess instrumentals drowning the main under current of haunting lyrics and synth-driven production laced in between the layers that compose this single. There is something unique about ‘Gemini’, it’s ability to both be deceptive and confrontational creates a different journey with each listen, and if this is the standard at which PLGRMS are creating; we are certainly in for something that is yet to be seen.

Aussie fans can catch PLGRMS around the country this November as they hit the road for their ‘Gemini Tour’ – click the artwork for more details


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