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‘Dropping Back’ is the latest single from an emerging Sydney artist who goes by the name LISHI, which she is unveiling this week with a stunning Madeleine Purdy directed visual accompaniment that tells an emotional story about the suffocating embrace of anxiety and the sweetness of relief through intricate instrumentation.

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“The video visually explores anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. It’s a portrait of a woman paralysed as a faceless threat approaches her. She struggles to move or breath in the face of this threat, and equally struggles to pull herself from the throes of her reaction when it becomes apparent that there is no threat – she is being covered in warmth and light.” – Madeleine Purdy (Director)

LISHI worked closely with Sydney engineer Antonia Gauci for the creation of ‘Dropping Back’, which is available now on Spotify, and for a limited time you can also pick up a free download via LISHI’s Soundcloud.

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