Brisbane three-piece LEØ are back this week to announce they will be releasing their debut ep in January 2017, and today they have its first single to share with us called ‘Us’. The new single and ep has them teaming up with fellow Brisbane-based producer Golden Vessel to help them explore the world of electronic music as they work it all into their lush indie/dream-pop sounds, and I reckon they’ve absolutely nailed it with this one!

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“Us gave LEØ a whole new music path to go down. It was our first real ‘electronic’ song, with the main focus on the drums. Josh had just made up a new drum/synth loop and left it on repeat so I could write to it, while him and Callum went out to buy food. 20 minutes later, they had sushi for me and I had lyrics for them.” – LEØ

‘Us’ is available now on iTunes and Spotify and is part of the upcoming EP ‘Young’ which will see it’s release in January 2017.

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