I have been a huge fan of MSTRKRFT for quite some time now, and when the opportunity came up to have a chat with the guys ahead of their trip to Australia later in the year I think a little bit of wee came out…

MSTRKRFT are heading Down Under this summer for Beyond the Valley in Victoria and Field Day in Sydney, and they’ve also just announced a Melbourne sideshow this week as well, so while the excitement is getting real, I had a chat with Al-P (aka Alex Puodziukas, aka one-half of MSTRKRFT) to find out where his love for music began…

“When I first started choosing what music I wanted to listen to, and buying it, the state of the art was compact disc. I remember the very first CDs I bought were Nirvana’s “Nevermind” and Guns and Roses “Appetite for Destruction”.

My tastes eventually got more specific and I started following the grunge movement for a period of time. Those albums have always stuck with me as well. Especially going through Mudhoneys’s discography recently whom I consider to be one of the most pure purveyors of “grunge” as an idea.

But one thing about “Appetite…” is that every so often, at any given point in my life, I’ll put it on and listen to it from top to bottom. Afterwards I’m always blown away at what a masterpiece it is. Granted, you can date the album sonically and from the production, but I think it did also exist on the fringe of the sound of other records being made at that time, and in that region.

My gut reaction take away from that record, aside from “Welcome To The Jungle” which is a bit of a given, is “It’s So Easy” I absolutely cherish that song, and I can sing it line for line to this day. When I first heard it and spent some time with it made me think: “I wanna live like that”, and I think at some points in my life/career I have. For better or worse :/” – AL-P


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