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Northeast Party House consistent delivery in party anthems since their formation in 2010 has proven to be a recipe for independent music success. NPH’s formula in music creation is a guaranteed success; eclectic layering of different genres under a ride of seductive bass lines, complimentary guitar riffs and structured drum beats. The six-piece collective revel in their sybaritic tendencies from their first album, and with their sophomore album ‘Dar’e, doesn’t stray way from the hedonistic lifestyles of the six-piece collective hailing from Melbourne.

It’s evident for fans of Northeast Party House that their objectives in music are simple; start and keep the party they have started. And from their first two albums, it seems as though the six-piece collective are determined to keep the party going. The unique sound that emits from the studio to their live performances are their shifting reliability swerving in and out of disco techniques intertwined with the dance susceptibility of EDM artists of the modern age. While it is nothing new, it doesn’t fail to deliver on tracks that howl of juvenescent desires to abandon responsibility for a night out in the town and blend seemingly into the after effects of the next day. The constant battle between order and chaos is greatly emphasised within this second album, with alternating ambience between each track as listener’s progress through the album. But one constant still remains; Northeast Party House simply want you to join in on the fun.

The slow descent into order as the album plays through provides listener’s with a much needed break from the bass driven dance atmosphere from the first few tracks of Dare. Opening with their classic Northeast Party House sound injected within the first track ‘Heartbreaker’ where the band rides a wave of bass line momentum, discordant guitar riffs that seem to compliment Hamilton-Reeves’ primal scream-esque all out dance energy. “Your House” limits the unnecessary wails of guitar riffs and in turn, follows the current of simplistic bass along with easy to follow lyrics that Hamilton-Reeves rises to another level. “Wallflower” seemingly blooms into rhythmic grooves seemingly transitioned into rapturous synths and sharp harmonies that indicates the slow progression into a chilled-out current running through the next track, “For You”.

The incredibly buoyant nature of “Diamond” manifests an inevitable nostalgia about the brilliance and perfection of summer days and nights caught under the warm weather, incessant drinking and rosy atmosphere shared with close friends and family.

Northeast Party House ingenuity derives from the band’s musical capacity to differentiate the order and chaos necessary for each track. While they may sound like a band that is caught in moments of dysfunction, there is more to the album than the beauty of modern twist on dance music. There is a deceptive brilliance caught between the simple narrated lyrics and captivating music. While they only have two albums under their arsenal, this is only the beginning of what may be a new sound for house parties around the world.

Rating: ★★★★

Go grab yourself a copy of ‘Dare’ right now from the band’s website, and Aussie fans can catch the guys around the country right now as they tour their new album.

Northeast Party House - tour - acid stag

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