Last week Sydney producer Taka Perry released a brand new single called ‘Slow’ which featured his friend Jordi Davis (of String Elephants) helping out on vocals, and this week he has a Nyssa Mitchell and Melia Wenger directed music video to share with us, which is about a girl that doesn’t actually exist.

“The video is about a girl that doesn’t actually exist, but a figment of imagination inside the singer’s head. Whilst the video is predominantly comprised of imagery and visuals, the absence of other characters, sets an eerie undertone to the video, whilst bringing the attention back to the main character” – Taka Perry

‘Slow’ is just the first taste of Taka Perry’s upcoming debut ep, and you can keep yourself up to date on the roll-out of that via the below socials – you can also check out ‘Slow’ on Soundcloud and Spotify

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