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Roosevelt’s slow-wave of momentum demonstrates the influential impact of fans can have on one’s career. Cologne-based producer, Marius Lauber the man behind the alias of ‘Roosevelt’ has been making a name for himself within the industry. While he had some success with German indie-pop band Beat!Beat!Beat! which demonstrated a slow reviving of interest within European indie bands, the band’s indefinite hiatus allowed Lauber to focus on his solo project, Roosevelt. Intertwining his passion for both electronic music and pop accents, Lauber took the successful formula he created within Beat!Beat!Beat! and fused it with the necessary amounts of new-found beats and synthesized sound. The result? A modern sound laced with disco sensibilities, synth driven tracks and a pop sound spread across each individual track.

Lauber hinted at what is to be expected with this album after the drop of his ‘Elliot EP’ in 2013. With tracks such as ‘Sea’ (also featuring on this self-titled album) and ‘Around You’, Lauber has given us a glimpse of the limitless possibilities of mixing different genres in order to create something that is subjected to praise and approval by both fans and critics. Lauber’s rising talent that is growing within his solo project, he is certainly on the right road. Working under the Greco-Roman label that holds such a heavy emphasis on electronic music, signing acts such as Disclosure and Totally Extinct Dinosaur Club, Roosevelt has found the perfect place to hone in on his craft and experiment with no boundaries, and this was certainly the case within his new self-titled album.

Lauber’s new self titled album Roosevelt is the physical embodiment of 2 year’s worth of experimentation, constant mixing and layering of vocals. The distinct parallels between warm beats, delicate hypnosis, and streamlined pop writing has allowed Roosevelt to layer each individual track with the necessary components that is reminiscent of the disco era without completely losing in touch with the modern era of electronic music.

With the delicate opening of ‘Intro’, Roosevelt subtly introduces the necessary sounds that run throughout the album. The last bit merges perfectly with the second track ‘Wait Up’, this is where Roosevelt starts to delve deeper into his finished experiments. The consistent disco chords over the simple beats and synth along with Roosevelt’s pop influenced lyrics, will no doubt satisfy any listener; while it does lack a sense of adventure into unknown territory, it’s still a feel good album that will get anyone dancing. ‘Night Moves’ is in no doubt doused with the heavy disco influence. The drum beat is the song’s spinal chord with hits of synth here and there that inevitably works towards the climax and breakdown of the song that shows the creativity of Roosevelt when mixing all these tracks. As listeners progress throughout the album, the diversity of sound will inevitably keep them interested in what Roosevelt has created. Tracks such as ‘Daytona’ and ‘Close’ provide this necessary divide between the up-beat nature of some of the other tracks, while maintaining the pop essence and electronic ambience Roosevelt intends on maintaining.

Roosevelt has managed to create an album that follows the formula of electronic music. While this is nothing new, it sure is extremely well done, both in it’s production and quality of each individual track. Roosevelt has allowed listeners a glimpse into what is yet to come of his future; tracks doused with a disco influence, right amount of beat and synth.

Rating: ★★★

Roosevelt’s debut is available now through Greco-Roman & City Slang.

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