Young Franco & Franc Moody – ‘Daydreaming’ LEISURE – Leisurevision (LP) 44 Ardent – ‘evergreen’ HUMP DAY MIX with Arky Waters Roosevelt – Embrace (EP) DROELOE – The Art Of Change (LP)

words by Luna Reese

Los Angeles’ favourite indie-electro Autumn in June has graced us with another hit, ‘Take Flight’. This sunny song has the synth tones similar to Bonobo while maintaining the playful, high-pitched vocals of ODESZA during the drop. The balance between the smooth vocals present throughout the versus’ contrasted with the acute chorus makes this song multidimensional.

Quite often I’ve noticed that when an artist tries to do too much in one song, the sound is overwhelming, but Autumn in June keeps this song simple, while maintain a gorgeous sound.

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