Melbourne songstress Lupa J has been making quite a name for herself over the last 12 months or so with a constant stream of great singles, and this week she pulls it all together for the release of her debut seven-track album, ‘My Right Name’.

“I began seriously writing songs just after I turned 15. It was the beginning of a period of upheaval, the dismantling of a set of deeply ingrained values about femininity, my body, my identity; the destruction of a self imposed prison. I created and released song after song, one by one, and with each I got better at articulating my emotions with music. As the end of my final year at high school approached, I starting piecing together brand new music with an aim to represent a string of evolving emotions and attitudes, to create something more coherent and reflective, more like an album” – Lupa J

Sydney fans can catch Lupa J at ‘Brighton Up Bar’ on Friday July 29, and Melbourne can see her doing her thing at ‘The Workers Club’ on Saturday, August 6.

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One thought on “Stream Lupa J’s Debut Album – ‘My Right Name’

  1. gapsel says:

    You have a great voice Lupa.

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