‘You Be The Judge’ is a great new track from Brisbane producer Mark Maxwell as he gives us a clever and cheeky insight into a world where ‘House Music’ has taken over the nation, inspiring a whole generation.

Maxwell has carefully selected samples from episodes of the ABC’s ‘Four Corners’ program to help create this world where ‘House Music’ is an election topic – and it just happens to coincide with the Australian elections this weekend too…

“I’ve always loved how artists can use sampling to flip a story or challenge genre expectations and ‘You Be The Judge’ is a great example of this. Being a cheeky combination of my two passions, house music and sampling culture, it was a matter of finding the right sound-bites and carefully piecing them together to reshape the story. I hope you enjoy this world where house music is important to the whole country as it is to me!” – Mark Maxwell

Grab yourself a free download of ‘You Be The Judge’ now via Soundcloud and be sure to vote for ‘House Music’ this weekend Australia!

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