Most well known for the tracks on their Rollercoaster EP and collaborations with Elderbrook in ‘How Many Times’ and Superflu in ‘Mr Bass’, I was excited to hear how a four-hour Andhim set would pan out.

In the BBC Radio One ‘Essential Mix Tape’ the bearded German DJs told us that the aim of their shows was to give fans a difference experience at their shows to what you get when you listen to their music at home. They well and truly succeeded in that.

Brown Alley is a huge three story club; an open air/smokers floor on the top level, seating, bar and balcony in the middle and the main stage down below. This is an awesome space with heaps of room to move, wicked lasers for an extra visual element and a mind-blowing sound system.

The act started off a bit more tech-house than I had expected. High energy and good vibes were felt from the get-go. The great thing about having such a long set was that the guys had the space to draw out high-tension moments. There was a drop in there that I could have sworn lasted two whole minutes.

Amongst the tech-house mixes of classics and originals, every now and then teaser samplers were thrown in to keep the audience excited. For about an hour the intro to ‘How Many Times’ was played. This got the crowd revving and when the track finally dropped the place went nuts. The intro to ‘Mr Bass’ was teased out as well, eventually playing an extended mix that I could have listened to for days.

Through the night Andhim ebbed and flowed, full of high points but still allowing time for a breather. Across the whole I was never bored and could have kept on for hours more. I left Brown Alley in the early hours of Saturday morning thoroughly exhausted and truly satisfied.

Rating: ★★★★

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author: Alexandra Milne

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