Wafia and Ta-ku are at it again, this time teaming up for not only a new song but a five-track EP that they will be calling (m)edian, and today we get to hear its first track, ‘Meet In The Middle’.

Let yourself drift away as Wafia’s haunting whispery-soft voice weaves its way through Ta-Ku’s delicate R&B/down-beat electronic rhythms and his own beautifully soulful harmonies – leaves quite a bit of excitement for what else is on this new EP

The (m)edian EP is seeing its release through Future Classic on August 5, but ahead of that Sydney fans can catch Ta-ku live at the Sydney Opera House over the coming weeks as he takes part in the Vivid LIVE 2016, and European fans will get their chance throughout July.

Tak-Ku - Euro Tour 2016 - acid stag

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