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Dutch producer GANZ first stepped onto the scene with his blistering remix of Hermitude’s take on Flume’s ‘Hyperparadise’ way back in 2014. Steadily building since then, he now gets set to release his new E.P GAO via own label, The Hard Headed.

Traversing EDM, Hip Hop, Trap and everything in between, it’s an e.p. of big, bold production that stays incredibly consistent throughout. Deeply layered tracks that, at times, can be a little overbearing due to the sheer volume of elements littered through out each cut.

Starting out more than a little cliché with a pretty piano movement and softly sung vocals courtesy of Melbourne songstress, Maribelle, it isn’t long before GANZ penchant for originality shines through on opener ‘Light Years’. Quick arpeggios glisten to the forefront as makeshift drums of stomps and filtered out marching drums carry the track forward. Always teasing but never actually taking off.

Newcomer Digitzz provides the vocals for the hip-hop based ‘Frolyfe’ before lead single ‘Lone’, a track featuring Australia’s own “Joy” and “What So Not”. It’s a track that continually builds and releases over a flurry of huge synths, deep bass and sexy vocals. A clear highlight which I’m sure will have Splendour in a frenzy once GANZ makes his way down this coming July.

While the feature vocalist’s chosen are all completely capable in their own right, for me, GANZ is at his finest when vocals take a back step and he actually gives the music a chance to breathe. This being most evident on the euphoria inducing instrumental track, ‘Faded’. A clear, hands in the air moment, that makes the hairs on the back of you neck stand up.

While not entirely reinventing the wheel in todays current electronic climate and owing more than a little to Flume, GANZ has shown more than enough originality, consistency and innovation to prove that he deserves a spot near the top of a continually overcrowding EDM scene.

Rating: ★★★☆

GAO EP is available now through his own label The Hard Headed, and also comes with the news today of his Australian tour in July with Akouo on support.

GANZ - Aus Tour - acid stag

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