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Swick – Stamina [EP Stream]

A Melbourne producer who goes by the name Swick has dropped his new Stamina EP, which has him teaming up with the likes of Henrik the Artist, Eden xo, Marcus Whale (of Collarbones/Black Vanilla) and Spank Rock for their unique vocal abilities, and together helping Swick deliver a neat little collection of bouncy electronic club-worthy tunes.


Get your mits on Swick’s Stamina EP now from the Nina Las Vegas owned/operated label, NLV Records.

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UK Newcomers: KYLYPSO, Promise Keeper, Franc Moody, SPÖKAZI & REVILO

acid stag has always taken pride in giving newcomers the opportunity to have their music heard by a global audience, and in the efforts to keep up with the overwhelming amount of new music coming through these days, we have these location-based series in place to help showcase some of the upcoming artists we think everyone needs to keep an eye on.

KYLYPSO – U Don’t Need 2 Say

Promise Keeper – Porous Silk

Franc Moody – Beat In My Head

SPÖKAZI – Fire On The Mountain


Gold Panda – Good Luck And Do Your Best [Album Review]

words by Mark Wilson

It’s the business time of year again, and between all the study for exams and stress you’ll be experiencing at work, you’re going to need some time to unwind and relax. Of anyone in the music world who knows this, Gold Panda is amongst the first to capitalise on it, if not pioneering the idea himself, in the vibes coming off his latest release, Good Luck And Do Your Best. A sample-heavy, electronic-based masterpiece, this album has more than something for any and every mood – the tracks on this album manage to encapsulate a whole range of emotions, rhythms and production techniques between and within themselves.

The eclectic mix of electronica beats with live instrumentation sampled on all tracks makes for an organic, vintage lo-fi sound, yet keeps its electronic roots at centre-stage. The album creates this tone right from the get-go, with the computer glitch sounds on ‘Metal Bird’ setting up the beat, for the sample to gracefully slide in and fill the void. This is built upon nicely in the next track, ‘In My Car’, with the samples taking the lead. The disjointed vibe of the beat that scatters itself across the album comes to the fore on this track, with the drum sample lagging somewhat behind the beat in the second verse. ‘Song For a Dead Friend’ builds on these offbeat, disjointed rhythms, with the dissonant, eerie vibe of the start being offset by the calming keys and percussion being introduced in a very sporadic, unpredictable way.

Another highlight of the album is the way in which it so effectively manages to capture the diversity of Gold Panda’s style. Nu-Disco grooves on ‘Chiba Nights’, with the lively piano sample and pulsing drums, flow seamlessly into a relaxed vibe created by a distant piano, clean guitar licks and wavy pads, perfect for late afternoon chills, on ‘Pink And Green’. ‘I Am Real Punk’ sounds more like the folky stuff of Yann Tiersen, with the acoustic guitar and double bass sounds creating a serene soundscape, emphatically intertwined with reduced, minimal electronic beats and synths. This folk feel comes back to haunt you on ‘Time Eater’, with what I can only assume is a harpsichord sample serving as the bass for what becomes a darker, more melodic dance track.

However, as diverse as the tracks can be, the actual tracks themselves can sometimes lack melodic development. While rhythmically and structurally evolving and captivating, you sometimes get the sense that you’re listening to the same, 5 second sample over and over – in some cases you very much are. Tracks like ‘Time Eater’ don’t play into this as much, offering something new to keep you on board for the whole track, yet opening track ‘Metal Bird’ gets somewhat stuck on the vocal track for a bit longer than it needs to.

Overall though, Good Luck And Do Your Best lends itself to all kinds of scenarios as either good background music for house parties, perfect study music to zone in and focus with, relaxation music to zone out and get lost in, or classic dance music to fill any dance floor. Testament to Gold Panda’s range, which shines through on his latest release, pretty much any time is the perfect time to be listening to this album.

Rating: ★★★★

Good Luck And Do Your Best is out now through City Slang / Inertia Music.

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Passerine – Synthetic Heart [New Single]

Melbourne trio Passerine return this week with a great new electro-groove track called ‘Synthetic Heart’, marking a slightly new direction in their style as they continue to build on their self professed “galactic soul breaks” sound – it’s also the first track where they’ve recorded and produced everything themselves

promoted by Mammal Sounds  

‘Synthetic Heart’ is available now directly through Passerine themselves.

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Indie Delights vol. 41

Amidst the overwhelming amount of electronic music that we receive each week, there are still quite a few great indie-rock/folk tracks that are seeping through the electro-cracks, and our Indie Delights series is a place where we get to showcase some of these fine indie tunes.

Be sure to show the artists below some support by giving their track a repost on Soundcloud, and if you’re more of a Spotify user, you all know what to do.

Pierce Fulton – False Proof

BLAJK – Good Liars

Max Jury – Beg & Crawl

Dead Posey – Holy Grail

Swim Season – Gold Cloak City

SHOUSE – Whisper (ft. HABITS) [New Single]

Melbourne newcomers SHOUSE have just released a brand new dance-jam called ‘Whisper’ which has them enlisting Melbanian duo HABITS for the track’s vocal component – it’s also the next taste of their debut EP that is due out later in 2016

SHOUSE have also teamed up with photographer/filmmaker James Robinson for a little something to help stimulate the visual senses.

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SNBRN – Sometimes (ft. Holly Winter) [New Single]

‘Sometimes’ is the latest offering from Los Angeles producer SNBRN as he teams up with Nashvillian vocalist Holly Winter for a nice little slice of nostalgic summertime feels.

Engaging synths, future-bass beats, light percussional sprays and Holly Winter’s golden voice make for quite an impressive feel-good tune that has me reminiscing of those warm summertime days from not too long ago.

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EinarIndra – Stories [EP Stream]

Just a few months ago we shared a couple of tracks from an Icelandic newcomer called EinarIndra, tracks that were written whilst on a little sabbatical in a cabin out in the wilderness just west of Reykjavík – and were promised to be seeing an official release on his upcoming Stories EP

That EP has now arrived, it features the two previously heard tracks ‘Sometimes I’m Wong’ and ‘The Songs Are Over’, as well as two unheard originals ‘Thoughts’ and ‘Your Eyes Are Burning’, plus four remixes courtesy of fellow Scandinavian producers Gunnar Jónsson Collider, Bistro Boy, Brilliantinus and Futuregrapher.

EinarIndra’s Stories EP is out now through Möller Records.

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Flume – Skin [Album Review]

words by Bernie Bolger

Four years after releasing his debut self-titled album, Australia’s electronic music sweetheart Flume gifts us with a sophomore release Skin (named after loose ideas around sound textures and familiarity vs the alien), a beautiful electronic, post-trap, pop fusion piece.

The years in between original releases saw Harley dabble in some amazing and extraordinary sounds in his remixes, reminding his fans that he’s still got it. The hype and expectation surrounding Skin may have altered its fate however. Writing original music for Flume proved a much harder project than the odd remix, especially when your debut album was a game-changer.

On Skin, Flume has consciously switched up his sound so as to continue to be fresh, and the end result is a weird battle of sounds. The thread that ties the album together might not be apparent in a consistent vibe, though it does exist. These 16 tracks have been picked from the rose garden of recent productions to curate the bouquet of Skin.

There are some pure pop cuts equipped with clean production and sing along vocals that beg for radio attention. The lyrical and anthemic ‘Never Be Like You’ and ‘Say It’ are obvious candidates. Then there are the tracks in which Flume set out to create a “landscape” of sorts, with melody being secondary to the feel of the piece (see: ‘Wall fuck’, ‘Pika’, ‘When Everything Was New’ and ‘Free’)
It’s these tracks that advance and mature his sound, rather than the previous ones.

It is a joy to hear the sweet spot in-between the experimental and the consumable with his creations and it definitely is hit with a number of tracks on the listing. ‘Numb & Getting Colder’ is an absolute highlight. Kučka’s tri-toned vocal line sits atop beautifully melodic synth lines whilst a very minimal, industrial beat cuts in and out of the mix. Another instance of the “sweet-spot” and where a collaboration is pulled of in spectacular fashion is ‘Innocence’ with AlunaGeorge. It’s a hypnotic, brooding slower number with an irregular beat that suits the ethereal yet unnerving vibe of the song. ‘Take a Chance’ featuring Little Dragon is another great collaborator cut even whilst sailing close to the top 40 wind.

The more familiar sounding songs on the album: ‘Helix’ and ‘3’ are far from stale – in-fact – Flume could produce a whole album of these beats (we know he has plenty stored away) and do no wrong. Both have great structural progressions and convey emotion through synthetic instrumentation beautifully.

As a producer, it is no surprise that Flume wishes to work with rappers. Despite this proven (and quite formulaic) pairing of genre, ‘Lose it’, ‘Smoke and Retribution’ and ‘You Know’ all feel disjointed in their assembly. There seems to be a glass ceiling with flume rap tracks that demands mediocrity. The production is no doubt stellar on each one of these songs; however, it feels like having a Flume-beat as a backing to these features dampens the potential of the songs. ‘Lose It’ comes closest to breaking this mould with a very catchy chorus and a couple of great twists and turns structure-wise; not to mention a signature synth solo at the end.

Skin is gorgeous – if not in its skewed ambition, then its high production level. The album has a pretty high ‘replay-ability’ because of it, and with further listens, more nuanced touches are revealed. The maturation of Flume’s sound is a delight to behold, even if that means saying goodbye to the soundtrack of your beloved 2012 summer.

Rating: ★★★★

Flume’s massive World Tour kicks-off this weekend in Germany (find all details on that through here), and you can get yourself a copy of his new album now through Future Classic.

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Non-MixTape Remixes Vol 127

Each week we collect a neat little assortment of remixes that aren’t suitable for our Friday MixTapes, but they are just so good that I still need to share them with you somehow, so I have the Non-MixTape Remix series set up to showcase some of these great remix finds.

To find out more on any of the below artists, click through to the associated Soundcloud profiles and start exploring.

M83 – Do It, Try It (The Blaze Remix)

The Chainsmokers – Inside Out (ft. Charlee) (Joe Mason Remix)


Autolaser x PLS&TY – Used To This (ft. MOONZz) (Vices Remix)

Tegan & Sara – Boyfriend (Robokid Remix)

Manila Killa – Youth (ft. Satica) [New Single]

Manila Killa dropped a new track over the weekend, a bouncy, synth-driven, electronic gem called ‘Youth’ which features the lush voice of fellow Californian Satica, and it’s uplifting presence will have us Aussies reminiscing of those warm summer nights after a perfect summer’s day.

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CRi – Don’t (ft. Gabriella Hook) [New Single]

One of my favourite Canadian producers CRi has released a new single called ‘Don’t’ which features the gorgeous voice of fellow Canadian singer Gabriella Hook, working seamlessly well against CRi’s dreamy, atmospheric, beat-driven backdrop – and it’s just a small taste of his upcoming Tell Her EP, that is due out on June 17.

There’s also this visually stunning Ménad Kesraoui directed video accompaniment.

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Four Tet – TrackI’veBeenPlayingOnRadio….. [New Music]

Over the weekend Four Tet reached 1 MILLION followers on Soundcloud, and to celebrate he decided to upload a previously unheard track he just had lying around called ‘TrackI’veBeenPlayingOnRadio+StuffSeemsNiceThing2DropBecauseSmashingItOnInternetShouts2B.UFO+A.Naples’.

Ridiculously long track title aside, this is a great 5 minute rumble of Four Tet’s signature electronic brilliance, and it’s just what my ears needed to hear on this fine Monday morning.

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Sunday Chills #42

Sunday Chills is the soundtrack to those lazy Sunday moments; whether you’re enjoying a good sleep-in, snuggling up to your your man or woman (or both if you’re that lucky), having a late breakfast, chilling on the sofa, or just simply doing nothing at all.

So just sit back, hit play and chill.

Fhin – Those Waves

Work Drugs – Roll

Karma Art – If I Had A Mouth

Sunday – Waiting For You

Mishegas – Home