words by Ethan Cardinal

After a long five-year hiatus away from the distractions of the gruelling music industry, Matt Corby has finally perfected his debut album, Telluric. It’s very rare that someone who was involved with reality television (appearing in Australian Idol in 2008) has been able to create a serious music career, and yet Matt Corby through all odds has managed to hone in on his craft, and release an album worthy of appraisal and approval.

Following on from his debut release of monster tracks such as ‘Resolution (2013)’ and ‘Brother (2011)’ it became clear that this Sydney born artist has destroyed the ill-fitting shackles of reality television and is motivated to become one of Australia’s most recognised artist, and after his debut album it is very clear that he is a strong contender.

Releasing ‘Monday’ as the single for Telluric, Corby reminds his fans that his hiatus was worth the wait, layering the single with his beautiful falsetto, captivating lyrics and beautiful melodies that lives up to the high expectations his fans had for this album. Corby emits a Jeff Buckley atmosphere that emphasises Corby’s metamorphosis into an honest singer/songwriter with a clear vision of the future, though it is clear that the journey to his new found success has not been an easy one.

Corby opens the album with ‘Belly Side Up’, a track laced with dark and moody undertones both lyrically and musically inevitably setting the journey of the listener from start to finish. Corby hints on the struggles of his journey from reality television to a serious musician through his lyrics, singing “We are the fixtures of industry”. Corby creates a contrast to this dark tone with lighter songs such as ‘Soothe Lady Wine’ and ‘Oh Oh Oh’ that shows Corby’s attention to detail to the precise percussion and smooth guitar melodies. Corby invites listeners to a journey through his lyrics as well as the sound of each individual song such as ‘We Could Be Friends’ and ‘Knife Edge’ that embodies a new more up beat sound.

Telluric climaxes towards the middle of the album, with ‘Wrong Man’ that exposes Corby’s vulnerability and re-evaluation of his position within the music industry. Injected with a subtle piano melody and delicate dirty guitar blues, this is the pinnacle of the journey through the album.

It’s very clear to those who have followed Matt Corby from the start of his career that the journey from the poisonous nature of reality television affects a musician’s career heavily. Matt Corby has ineffectively risen from his fall and through that, has delivered an album of damn near perfection. “Telluric” defined as “of the earth” is the perfect metaphor for Matt Corby’s journey, stripping back everything and focusing on his roots both as a person and a musician only to come out with a bold voice and an album worthy of winning album of the year. Simply amazing.

Rating: ★★★★★

Get yourself a copy of Telluric now through Universal Music.

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