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words by Carlos Duarte Australian producer LUCIANBLOMKAMP has followed up 2014’s stellar Post-Nature with the phenomenal Bad Faith, a record that thrives on its melancholy and at times eerie electronic production. A project that is best taken in as a whole rather than as individual cuts, Bad Faith conjures up a similar feel to something like the Metallic Falcons’ Desert Doughnuts, where ghostly vocals floated above bleak, industrial soundscapes. Its sparse structure is immediately noticeable and may initially appear less inviting than Post-Nature, but those that stick with it will find much to appreciate. BLOMKAMP’s skills as a producer are at the forefront on Bad Faith as there are less vocal guests employed this time round, with only Rosebud Leach making an appearance on ‘Living In The Wake’. Her sweet, ethereal voice is reverberated over the trip-hop inspired arrangement, maintaining the gothic vibe created by tracks like ‘Decay’ and ‘The Overman’. Even the most minimal of tracks, like the organ driven ‘Sea Of Fog’ and the foreboding ‘Nesimahs’ elicit an atmosphere so intoxicating that they are as much of a highlight as the more complex ‘Copy of a Copy’. Make no mistake, it’s a rare album that creates the same sense of wonder within a listener that Bad Faith does. LUCIANBLOMKAMP has created the aural equivalent of a dark fantasy tale and those that enjoy diving into beautifully crafted works will love what’s on offer. Easily one of 2016’s early standouts.

Rating: ★★★★

Bad Faith is available now through Good Manners.

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