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words by Carlos Duarte

2015 was a phenomenal year for Australian hip-hop. Artists like Mathas, Jackie Onassis, Sampa the Great and Seth Sentry delivered standout projects that raised the bar in terms of both production and lyricism and now, Milwaukee Banks are aiming to add their own flavour to the melting pot that is the home-grown rap scene.

The duo, which consists of producer Edo and emcee Dyl, have crafted an album that encompasses the trippy, sparse essence of Cloud rap and fuses it with sinewy electronica and a southern hip hop flair.

Opener ‘Too High To Die’ kicks things off nicely with a vibe that wavers between relaxed and paranoid. The verses have Dyl debating the loyalty of peers before a sedated hook comes in and soothes away the doubt.

Elsewhere, dreamlike, airy synths abound on cuts like ‘Only One’ and ‘First Light’. Both songs have a celestial feel that is intensified by cherubic female vocal samples, while tracks like ‘Goldrush’ flaunt stark, ominous strings that recall the early days of Three 6 Mafia. The counterbalance between dark and light is consistent throughout Deep Into The Night and makes for a thrilling listen despite the mostly downbeat arrangements.

With its captivating production and charismatic and introspective rhymes, Deep Into The Night presents itself as an aural narcotic that will turn listeners into fiends. Milwaukee Banks has kicked 2016 into gear for Aussie hip-hop with a unique take on the genre and are now set to go from strength to strength.

Rating: ★★★★

Deep into the Night is available now from iTunes and on Spotify.

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