We are huge Breakbot fans here at acid stag, and since his new album dropped a few weeks ago it has been on constant rotation around the office, at home in the shower, commuting from A to B on public transport and while relaxing in the sun down on Bondi Beach – it’s proven to be perfect for pretty much any situation

The other day we were asked if we’d like to chat with Thibaut (Breakbot) and his cohort Irfane, and after waving my hands above my head in excitement for a minute or two saying “oh my gawd, oh my gawd, oh my gawwwwwd!”, I pulled myself together and replied in a very composed manner “Sure, why not!”

What’s your first CD Thibaut?
Warren G’s ‘Regulate’ – I remember feeling very bad-ass while listening to it when I was twelve. I’d wear my shades and lip-sync in front of the mirror. The sample that’s the melodic backbone of the song is taken from Michael McDonald’s ‘I Keep Forgettin’, who would become a great influence later down the road. I love what he brought to the Doobie Brothers as well as his collaborations with Kenny Loggins or Steely Dan. His songwriting is very distinctive and his voice is amazing.

What’s your first CD Irfane?
Technotronic’s ‘Pump Up The Jam’ – I remember the cd was not the regular silver color but it was golden, which made it so much more special to me. Unfortunately at that time, I didn’t have a discman yet, so I had to ask for permission to listen to it in the living room, and that only happened once my homework was done. It’s one of those mainstream records that sonically paid a good tribute to what was happening at the time in the underground scenes of Detroit and Chicago. Except it was made in Belgium… In comparison to many of the dance hits of the time, it’s aged very well, mostly because the production is so minimal and effective. Each element therefore finds its place, and I think that’s a principle we’ve been trying to apply to our music. 

Here’s a few tracks off the new album, and if you haven’t heard the whole thing yet you can do so via Spotify or just go grab yourself a copy from Ed Banger Records.


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