Left Of Field Records have just released their latest charity compilation album titled ‘Vol. 4: Don’t Worry, We’re Here For You’, which is raising funds and awareness for suicide prevention.

NUDE, ooiso and Læter are just some of the many talented artists that have donated their time and a little a piece of themselves to this fantastic project.

“This compilation is a representation of the elephant in the room. It’s something that touches everyone’s lives in different ways, but also something we can support each other in and not fight alone.

It isn’t just about the sadness one experiences with depression or any other mental health issue, but rather is about the triumph in overcoming it despite everything. This story is told through the many and varied soundscapes of the talented artists who contributed to this album” –  Left Of Field Records

You can donate directly to various suicide prevention foundations through here, and if you pick up a copy of the album via Bandcamp, all proceeds will go toward the ASPF (Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation).

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