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I have it on pretty good authority that Australian producer cln is busy working away on some brand new original tunes, which he plans to start rolling out sometime over the next month or so, today however we have the premiere of a new remix cln has put together of ‘Ultralight Beam’ by Kanye West. “I will always see Kanye as someone who worked extremely hard to reach his goals. He didn’t have instant success. He put in a lot of effort behind the scenes for years before he became famous for his own art. I find his story very inspirational, and I think ‘The Life Of Pablo’ is an excellent record. I decided to put my own take on ‘Ultralight Beam’ because it’s my favourite song on the album. Chance ties it all together very well” – cln UPDATE: unfortunately the remix has been removed from Soundcloud, but you can still get a free download here: https://www.toneden.io/callanalexander/post/kanye-west-ultralight-beam-cln-remix

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Be sure to hit up cln on the social buttons below to be kept up to date on his movements over the coming months, and if you haven’t heard his 2015 Found EP yet, go check it out on iTunes or Spotify – where you’ll find this little ditty ‘Left Behind’

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