words by Alex Milne

Fare Soldi’s debut album, 21+ is groovy and upbeat and has arrived just in time to hear out those last few weeks of sunny backyard barbecues and slow balmy sunsets.

Fare Soldi open the album with their strongest tune and title-track ’21+’, which has a relaxed vibe with a popping bass that pulls you in. ‘Touch Back’ pairs percussive vocals with complex and diverse sounds. ‘Eis Coffee’ cranks the volume; it has a Daft Punk-esque flavour and sense of anticipation that feels like it’s constantly building to a drop. ‘Don’t Go Away’ is more poppy, featuring female vocals that give the track a Flight Facilities feel. ‘Theme from Venerdi Credici’ gives us funky popping bass.

My absolute favourite track on this album, that I simply can’t stop playing on repeat, is ‘Chilly Willy’. It’s light and spacey, uplifting and almost magical in its effects. The vocals come murmuring through and remind me a bit of Ben Pearce.

This is a silky album with a smooth set of indie disco house sounds that carry you from upbeat to party-time.

Rating: ★★★★

21+ is available now from iTunes and on Spotify.

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