words by Alex Milne

Elizabeth Rose’s debut album Intra is the product of unbridled creativity, hard work and passion. With her distinctive brand of electro-pop; her sound is unique and unpredictable with lyrics that are full of attitude and hit close to home. Addressing issues such as marriage equality, wars, gun violence and anxiety, Elizabeth Rose is unapologetic and honest.

Intra has a varied sound that can’t be pinned. All 12 of the tracks on this album are brilliantly unique in their own way. ‘Should Woulda Coulda’ featuring M-Phazes is smooth and relaxing. ‘In 3’s’ has a light trappy feeling – a bit like Flume’s early work. ‘One Shot’ is spacey and hip-hoppy in a Glass Animals kind of way. ‘Playing with Fire’ featuring Remi is an uplifting, layered combination of the orchestral and electronic. ‘Same old Song’ is slow and ambient.

My favourite two songs on this album are ‘Kensho’ and ‘Anxiety’. ‘Kensho’ is a purely instrumental piece, operating as a kind of interlude. It feels panicky and tense, leading you one way and then another. It meshes perfectly with ‘Anxiety’ – a song which sounds like the title. Her voice is harsher in this, her lyrics are straight up – it’s a song that you can connect with. ‘Division’ is another favourite of mine due to its message and unpredictability. It starts off slow with a piano intro – her voice is percussive and sounds a bit like Missy Higgins. When it picks up it travels quickly, with dense layering and heavy beats.

In Intra, it’s the twists and turns in sounds, and the stories within the songs, that mean that you can’t stop listening.

Intra is set for release for March 4, but you can pre-order it now through Inertia.

Rating: ★★★★

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