words by Renee Meznarsic

Dreamy Aussie electro trio RÜFÜS or RÜFÜS DU SOL (Depending on where you hail from) are at it again with their second album Bloom, which is due for release on the 22nd of January.

You may have heard a few of the tracks already (‘You Were Right’, ‘Like An Animal’ & ‘Innerbloom’), but you’re not even half way there buddy, there is still an entire banger of an album to get through!

Now what can I say; long time fan, first time reviewer. RÜFÜS have managed to champion that “Australian Sound” in absolutely no time whatsoever. What a talent – very proud to say these boys hail from my hometown of Sydney, that’s for sure!

Now, I have no plan to bore you with a track-by-track review, but let me tell you, Bloom is all killer and no filler. Each track seamlessly flows into the next, each as beautifully ambient as it’s predecessor if not more so. Now of course there are some lulls throughout the album, but even in saying that, they are just not as good, definitely still good! Lull is probably harsh for a just less great part.

Listening to this from start to finish makes me want to be at a beach day club, sipping margarita’s and be in an eternal Summer paradise, well timed that this is a Summer release, well done boys!

I wont be gutsy enough to call it best album of 2016 or anything just yet, let’s be real, it’s the 1st month and also, as much of a rave review this is, there is a slight repetitive feel of the entire release which would possibly interfere with a #1 of 2016 rating, however, still incredibly easy to digest and enjoy, and my recommendation is to not listen to this on a Monday evening as it may make you depressed that it’s so far until the weekend *sigh*

Solid release ★★★★☆

Bloom will be available everywhere today through Sweat It Out!

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