So we all heard the news yesterday that LCD Soundsystem would be reuniting to headline Coachella in April, but it turns out there’s a little bit more to that story – they are getting the band back together to release a whole new album!

James Murphy published a very lengthy note on the band’s website detailing their return and addressing the mass of fans that blew up yesterday saying they felt betrayed by their return – what the hell people, can’t you just be fucking grateful we get to hear NEW music from LCD Soundsystem!!

“We’re not just playing coachella. we’re playing all over. we’re not just having some reunion tour. we’re releasing a record (sometime this year—still working on it, actually), so this isn’t a victory lap or anything, which wouldn’t be of much interest to us. this is just the bus full of substitute teachers back from their coffee break with new music and the same weird gear—or as much of it as we still have (it’s very interesting to re-buy the same gear, and in some cases buy gear back from people you sold it to), and rambling around trying to be louder than everyone else. thank fuck we were never skinny and young. or at least i wasn’t. that always happens with bands… they aren’t fat when they come back, typically, just, i don’t know, thicker. i was lucky to start this band kind of fat and old, so there’s no, like “look how young they were!” shit to even find on the internet. i mean, we were younger and everything, but we weren’t young, if you know what i mean” – James Murphy

You can read the full piece here, and in case you missed it over the holidays, LCD Soundsystem released this newly recorded tune called ‘Christmas Will Break Your Heart’