words by Alex Milne

I first heard about the Bunker Open Air techno music series when a friend of mine went to one in Berlin, so I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw that it was coming to Melbourne. A free show, chilled atmosphere, hosted at an awesome venue; it looked like it was going to be an fantastic day.

Bunker Open Air 8 was hosted at Dr. Morse in Abbottsford. The venue was perfect for this type of event; somewhere to sit and have some food, a shaded bar and an open area in front of the DJ to dance – everyone was happy.

Bunker ran from 1pm to 1am, unfortunately I didn’t have the stamina to stay the whole day and night, but from 2pm until 6pm I had a ripper afternoon. For the time that I was there I caught sets from Jake McDonald, Adrian Bell and PWD. The best things about these smaller events are that you get to have a listen to lesser known local artists that you probably wouldn’t usually be exposed to. Jake McDonald is a groovy techno DJ who is also a resident and co-founder of the Bunker series. PWD – another bunker resident – was a standout act for me, picking up the mood as as the afternoon turned into evening.

This show is a great opportunity to discover new artists and do something a little bit different.

Rating: ★★★

Bunker Open Air 9 will be held on Saturday the 13th of February at the Railway Hotel in Brunswick. Whether you’re a massive techno fan or just someone who’s keen to hear some great music, the event is free so there’s no reason not to head on down.

WHAT: Bunker Open Air 9
WHERE: Railway Hotel, Brunswick
WHEN: Saturday, February 13

Bunker Open Air 9 - poster - acid stag

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