This week Aussie dance dudes The Aston Shuffle are kicking off a national Aussie tour hitting up Sydney, Townsville, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane (all in that order).

We thought we’d catch up with them before it all gets out of control, so we asked Vance Musgrove of The Aston Shuffle, what the first ever CD he bought was…

“Pretty sure this was the first CD I bought with my own money, although “my own money” is a bit of a stretch really – it’s not like I had a job at the age of 13 or anything like that, basically any money I had at that point had come from my parents. The song was pretty much the biggest thing in the universe at that time and it was hard not to be swept up in the Oasis hype. I was actually quite into Oasis overall, I got What’s The Story Morning Glory and the follow up album too, although I never saw them play live.

Oasis’ music has aged pretty well too, thankfully – it’d be way more embarrassing if my first record was The Offspring or something else that was big back then which has dated horribly.

Very shortly after buying this was the time I discovered dance music, and 100% of my few dollars were being spent on dance 12”s and mix compilations rather than pop albums. I do still have it somewhere amongst all my other CDs, in a box somewhere in my grandmother’s garage”

Here is the latest dancefloor yearning single from The Aston Shuffle, it’s called ‘High With You’ and it deserves to be listened to at high volumes.

Below are the Aussie tour dates and you can get more info on those shows right through here

The Aston Shuffle - Aussie Tour Banner - acid stag

And finally here’s one of my favourite tracks from the boys, it’s ‘Back & Forth’ featuring Elizabeth Rose which I’m sure they will be playing on the tour.