words by Michael Hutchinson

Gold Coast producer Whisperer (aka Connor Grant) has a clever EP on his hands in his self-titled debut. Recorded in Sydney, Grant tells his stories with vigour and illustrates strength in threading and layering vocals.

The latest release of the four-tracks, ‘1709’, opens with the first verse acapella, before nestling within an off-kilter beat. The song tells of seeking a second chance to love someone; Grant’s lyrics express a tumultuous and aching pain.

On ‘Confide’ sweeping guitars aid in reiterating positive mantra. ‘Embers’ effortlessly blends drums and electric guitar as Grants voice flickers gently atop. There’s a subtly to his chords though the words cut deep. Lastly is ‘Currents’, a tingling closing where again drumming splices the gently gliding harmonies.

As for his pseudonym, Whisperer does everything but. The EP is more than a rippling brook, not content with the notion of a moss reproaching its waters. Grant’s voice is lush and poignant and sits perfectly in each song. Let’s hope there’s plenty more where this came from.

For lovers of: SOHN, How To Dress Well, Movement
In a word: Moving

Rating: ★★★☆

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Whisperer EP is available now from iTunes and on Spotify.

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