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Berlin’s gold-masked crusader Claptone recently kicked-off a massive USA/EUR tour in support of his debut album Charmer, which is being released in just a few days time. We score some time with the man to ask where his love of music began.

“The first music I ever bought was the “The Voice Of Frank Sinatra“ by the big man himself. I remember that it was a rainy day when I entered the record shop in 1948. The name of the city I forget, but I’ll never forget the musty smell of this hidden place. I wasn’t a big fan of Sinatra and to be honest I was not really sure what to expect. But as the medium “Vinyl“ was new I wanted to be part of this new cultural milestone coming from America and the experience changed my life.

From this moment on I was able to listen to music at home every time I wanted to. Again and again I placed the needle on the record with care and listened to the sweet vocals of Mr Sinatra “I find you spinning round in my brain, like the bubbles in a glass of champagne“. The warm voice was embedded with the crackling noises of the vinyl record which sounded like wood in a fireplace or raindrops on a tin roof. This record was the beginning of a new age of music for me and it triggered my insane passion for vinyl records and I collect them still today. My stories and my friends for ever…”

Here is one of Claptone‘s album tracks that you may have heard on the Triple J airwaves recently, it’s called ‘Puppet Theatre’ and it features the wonderful Peter, Bjorn and John.

Charmer will hit the shelves on October 16, and will feature guest appearances from the likes of Nathan Nicholson, Jimi Tenor, Young Galaxy, Jay-Jay Johanson and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – pre-order it now from iTunes

Check out all of the tour dates below and click the image for further details.

Claptone - tour dates - acid stag

https://www.facebook.com/claptone.official https://soundcloud.com/claptone https://twitter.com/Claptone_


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