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Felix Wemmel – Dying Embers [New Single]

Felix Wemmel is a young newcomer from Sweden who will be releasing his debut EP next week, and just ahead of that he has shared one of its tracks.

It’s called ‘Dying Embers’ and it has a moody indie-pop vibe that I think could win over a lot of people’s attention quite quickly. His songwriting skills are impressive and his voice is really pleasing to listen to. Check it out below.

Hit up Felix Wemmel on the below links to be kept up to date on the release of his Lost Souls EP.

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  1. Felix Wemmel, great vocalist, great arrangement, vibe, and I could easily become a fan but what actually got my attention first is the common mistakes that most songwriters do when they don’t understand the psychology behind the marketability of songs. i.e. picking great words from the lyrics to make it the song title just because they sound great, hence the title is sitting in one of the verses, ouch. Definite NO from record labels, unless they love you and happy to fix the mistakes themselves, but that rarely happens.
    Jacques Gentil
    Magesongs Publishing (ASCAP)& Songwriting Mentor
    Australian Songwriter of the Year 2013 Award Winner

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