words by Delia Bartle

Intercontinental duo Teenage Love has burst into the music world with their impressive debut EP, Gold, featuring five-tracks packed with quirky lyrics and crisp beats in an exciting mix of stylistic flair.

Copenhagen-based electronic music producer Anna Lidell met American violinist Katy Gunn in 2011, and they began producing music together as Teenage Love in 2014. Their funky down-tempo beats merge with layers of soulful vocal harmonies and shimmering violin melodies.

Most impressive is the way in which they unite all five tracks with clean-cut beats and textural harmonic layers, without it becoming repetitive or minimalist. It’s the willingness of Lidell and Gunn to experiment with rhythmic and instrumental variations that creates such an interesting EP.

‘I Think I’m Falling In Love (With You)’ opens the EP in synth-pop fashion, throwing together sparse dub-step beats and sorrowful lyrics. ‘Lazer Eyes’ has a charming quirkiness with its mix of classical violin riffs and crunchy house beats reminiscent of Clean Bandit. Wavering synths introduce a more traditional electronic sound in the title-track, ‘Gold’.

‘Deserted Places’ is an absolute standout with its laidback beats, manipulated sounds, and rich vocals similar to those of Vampire Weekend. ‘Life Is Short, Make a Mess’ echoes the production style of tUnE-yArDs with light-hearted melodies and spirited percussion. It’s a lively finish to an energising electro-pop EP.

Gold is definitely worthy of a few repeat listens to appreciate the eclectic layers used by Teenage Love to produce such a crisp and polished sound.

Rating: ★★★★


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