Szymon Borzestowski was a young singer/songwriter/musician from Newcastle Australia, who was working tirelessly away at recording an album and was on the verge of signing a record deal with EMI at just 19 years of age. Sadly in 2008 the darkness of mental illness began to fall over him, and eventually the world around him just became far too unbearable for Szymon to handle.

In December 2012 Szymon lost his battle with depression, taking his own life at age 23.

His family and friends banded together with some industry people to get Szymon‘s album finished. It’s called Tigersapp and it will be seeing an official release next month via Eloper Music and EMI Music.

Two of the album’s tracks were released recently, with the third coming out just yesterday. Take a few minutes and lose yourself in the gorgeously hypnotic, art-pop sounds of Szymon.


You can pre-order Tigersapp on July 24, via Eloper Music.