words by Emma Rose

Sydney producer Steve Cuciti, who releases under the name Caves, has released his debut EP and it’s certainly a commendable one. Besides his name, the enigmatic producer has shed little light on who he is and what the EP is about. However, the EP’s interesting lyrics and lovely melodic composition give us some insight into the inner workings of Cuciti. The EP features guest vocals from Triple J’s unearthed artist Hannah Joy and Froyo’s Allyson Montenegro.

The EP’s ambient, electronic nature creates a chilled out listen that seamlessly brings together the acoustic, natural sounds of the piano and ukulele with ambient, electronic beats and manipulated vocals.

‘Here We Are’, featuring the smooth vocals of unearthed artist Hannah Joy, is definitely a highlight on the EP. However ‘Ukulele’, named after it’s focal instrument, is definitely the most interesting in composition, featuring spoken vocals by an unknown artist. It offers story-like lyrics, as well as a catchy riff played on ukulele that is juxtaposed against the electronic rhythm and manipulation of sound.

Overall the EP is an interesting, chilled listen and a great first effort from Caves. Well worth a listen.

Rating: ★★★☆

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