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Music + Video | Channel 25


1. Twin Caverns – Drown
2. I’lls – Fifty-Phiphti
3. Howling – Signs
4. Grandbrothers – Naive Rider
5. IS TROPICAL – On My Way
6. Darkness Falls – The Answer
7. Jack Garratt – Chemical
8. Django Django – First Light
9. Inspired & the Sleep – Sink
10. Flight Facilities – Down To Earth
11. Madeon – Pay No Mind (ft. Passion Pit)
12. Just A Gent – Limelight (ft. ROZES)

Friday MixTape #228

If sex is a weapon, then let’s go to war.

Free Download - acid stag

 White Shadows – Give Up Give Out Give In
2. Skylar Spence – Practice
3. Roman Kouder – Moon Lover (ft. Emile Deutsch)
4. WLW8 – Called Off
5. Dirtytalks – Keep On Walkin’ (ft. Give In)
6. George Maple – Talk Talk (Moon Boots Remix)
7. FCL – It’s You (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)
8. Janet Jackson – Pleasure Principle (Classixx Recovery Mix)
9. Loframes – Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love)
10. Detroit Swindle – Allright (We’ll Be)
11. Dirty Lou – Super NES (Original Ruffdown Mix)
12. Dude Skywalker – Slow Motion
13. Mighty Mouse – Wunder
14. Natty Fensie – Be Love (The Supermen Lovers Remix)
15. Remi Miles – I Want You (Chimes Remix)
16. Usher – U Don’t Have To Call (Vaux & Rivera Remix)
17. The Roots – Break U Off (Dino Soccio ReWork)
18. Lindstrøm & Grace Hall – Home Tonight (Extended Version)


Garden City Movement – Recollections [New Single]

As Tel Aviv natives Garden City Movement draw closer to the release of their next EP Modern West, they are slowly doing the tease with a few of its tracks.

A few weeks ago they dropped ‘My Only Love’ which was being slated as their best one to date – I now disagree with that statement. This new track ‘Recollections’ is doing some really nice things to my senses today, which is placing it at the top of my Garden City Movement playlist.

Modern West is out 4/on April 6 through The Vinyl Factory.

Friday Favourites, February 27th

There have been so many great tracks released this week I have had trouble keeping up with them all, but here is a small collection of tunes that stood out and are working my vibe nicely today.

Silk Rhodes – Stuck in My Head



BORDO – Only You

Tom Demac – Smoke Stained Ivories

Parcels – Herefore [New Music]

From the sunny coast of Byron Bay, Australia comes the very smooth and inviting sounds of Parcels, a five-piece crew who are on the verge of releasing their debut EP, and today we have its lead-single to share with you.

‘Herefore’ is as I mentioned above, smooth and inviting, add the words interesting and unique to that list and reference Metronomy with a hint of JUNGLE, then maybe you’ll get a bit of an idea of what to expect form Parcels.

I have had the privilege of hearing the EP that track belongs to, it’s called Clockscared and it is really quite impressive. Hopefully we will have a stream of it up on the site for you next week after its release on March 2. | |

Roman Austin – Busy Love [New Single]

From California comes producer/singer/songwriter Roman Austin, who is this week sharing his latest single ‘Busy Love,’ a synth-driven broody track that draws heavy on some dark emotions.

I will admit that I wasn’t liking this one all that much on the first listen, but I realised that when it ended, I strangely wanted to hear it again. After that second time through I was vibing it quite a bit. Austin has a really great voice that adds an R&B element to the track’s ambience.

Score a free download via the button above and hit the below links for more info on Roman Austin.

Dirtytalks – Keep On Walkin’ (ft. Give In) [New Music]

‘Keep On Walkin’ is the latest single by a relatively new production team from LA known as Dirtytalks.

It is one soulfully slick, infectious jam, and with the smooth vocal melodies of fellow-LA producer Give in, I’m pretty certain this on will be resonating in your ears for days after hitting that play button.

If you wanna know more about Dirtytalks or Give In, you’ll find some info via the below. |

Whitney Fierce – The Night Air [New Single]

Last week we featured ex-Hercules & Love Affair member Whitney Fierce in our HUMP DAY MIX series, and now this week we have a brand new original single from the lovely lady in herself.

It’s called ‘The Night Air’ and it is the first taste of her debut solo EP, The Broken Car Window. Defining her own sound as “dream-house”, ‘The Night Air’ is a deep sensual track that combines moody production with intricate percussions and Whitney Fierce‘s whisper-soft vocals.

Grab a free download via the player above and then hit play on the below Eric Sharp remix.

Catz ‘N Dogz – Good Touch (ft. Eglė Sirvydytė) [New Music]

Polish producers Catz ‘N Dogz have just finished work on their third album Basic Colour Theory, and now in lead-up to its May release they’ve decided to start sharing a few of its tracks.

The first one off the bat today is called ‘Good Touch’ and it is quite a treat for your aural senses – the tantalising vocals of Lithuanian songstress Eglė Sirvydytė are a big contributor to this as well.

Basic Colour Theory won’t be available until May 19 but we’ll be sure to keep you posted on any other single releases in the interim.

José González – Vestiges & Claws [Album Review]

words by Vicki Winter

A lot has happened in the last eight years, the USA swore in the first non-white president, Game of Thrones ‘The Red Wedding’ took social media by storm, and our beloved Kanye ‘let us finish’… twice. In the music world we have seen many different phases from trap to dub step to glitch hop, but somehow through all of that, Swedish singer/songwriter José González has stayed true to his roots (pun intended). With the release of his third full-length album Vestiges & Claws, González fans can breathe a sigh of relief that his sound has remained reliably consistent with his previous releases, and the delicate strumming of his guitar, and soft vocals will still take you away to that peaceful place reserved only for him.

The content of the new album however is a little less self-pitying then tracks found on Veneer (2003) or In our Nature (2007), instead choosing to explore metaphysical topics such as our planetary existence and inevitable mortality. González is quoted explaining this concept “I think that might be where there is some sort of common thread on this new record: The zoomed out eye on humanity on a small pale blue dot in a cold, sparse and unfriendly space. The amazing fact that we at all are here, an attempt at encouraging to understand ourselves and to make the best of the only life we have – after birth and before death.”

Another slight change you will find on this album is in the production. González chose to self-produce Vestiges & Claws in the kitchen of his home in Gothenburg, wanting to hold complete control over all of the artistic aspects. In Vestiges and Claws, he has branched out into layers of floating harmonies and organic percussion instead of merely serenading us with minimalistic sounds of a solo voice and guitar. There is a very homogeneous rhythm throughout, which is perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon of life reflection. In saying that however, we do have a couple of highlights which standout from the rest that we do suggest you melt in to at your earliest convenience.

‘Let it Carry You’ utilises staccato beats to playfully convey the message of appreciating life and the magic of existence “To remind our restless souls of the beauty of being here at all.” ‘The Forest’ sways and dips as González finger picks his way along, with the inclusion of wood wind sounds bringing a beautiful earthy voice to this contemplative tune ‘“Why didn’t I see the forest on fire behind the trees?”. ‘Afterglow’ is written in 7/4 and is possibly one of the better of all the songs due to it’s unpredictability. In this González showcases his immaculate guitar skills amidst natural percussive rhythms.

Finally a mention goes to the second release off the album after ‘Every Age’, ‘Leaf Off/The Cave’. This track is a little more upbeat and has a far more hopeful and encouraging message for the world “let the light lead you out”.

We will admit that you need to give this one a few listens to find the distinction between the tracks, but it’s worth the extra effort to pick out the subtle aesthetics and the simplicity of each tune juxtapositioned with the complexity of the theme. We can’t help but feel comforted by the stability of González, mostly because in a precarious, ever changing world, it’s really nice to know exactly what you are getting.

Rating: ★★★☆

Vestiges & Claws is available on now through iTunes. | |

Single Sessions #45

Single Sessions is a place where we encourage you to sit back and relax, put on your headphones and block out the rest of the world for a short time, while you treat your ears to some aural stimulation.

For more information on any of the below tracks/artists, click on through to their associated Soundcloud profiles.

The Bold Love – Dream On

PLOY – Hard To Say

Mao Ra Sun – Ready (ft. RIVRS)

Nick Leng – Leaves

Passing Bliss – Downfall

White Shadows – Give Up Give Out Give In [New Music]

Craig Nicholls from The Vines and Nick Littlemore of PNAU and Empire of the Sun, have teamed up for a new side-project they are calling White Shadows, and this track ‘Give Up Give Out Give In’ is their impressive debut.

It really is as good as you would expect from these music-masterminds, so just press play, repeat and enjoy.

There is news on the grape-vine of a new PNAU album coming out later on in 2015, so we’ll be sure to keep you posted on that one.

Suffix – Come With Us [EP Stream]

Simon Bryant is an upcoming producer from the UK who goes by the name Suffix, and Come With Us is his new two-track EP.

He classifies his style as “house-hop” and after just a few seconds into the first and title-track you’ll get the gist of what he means.

Bryant says he draws his influence from a wide range of genres; from house to hip-hop and from soul to classical, bringing it all together with the feel-good Suffix vibe.


Bothe tracks are available to download for free, via the above Soundcloud players. | |

Sailors – Feels So Good [New Single]

words by Awad

Mexican duo Sailors have come out with a new track titled ‘Feels So Good,’ and with its heavenly vocals, killer percussions and ravishing melodies, I was hooked right from the get-go.

With already racking up over 2 million plays on their Soundcloud in just 2 months, these brothers are definitely in for a promising career.

If you’re digging the sounds of ‘Feels So Good’ then you’ll likely be into the rest of their tracks as well. Best to keep an eye on these Mexican natives via the below.

Voltaire Twins – Long Weekend [New Single]

Melbourne trio V​oltaire Twins​ (siblings JaymesTegan Voltaire, with drummer Jack Stirling) share their latest single this week, titled ‘Long Weekend’ it is the next track to fall from their forthcoming debut album.

‘Long Weekend’ offers a thumping and infectious electro-pop beat, surrounded by loaded synths and Tegan’s sweet coasting vocal calls.

Show the guys some support by purchasing ‘Long Weekend’ via their Bandcamp page, then get yourself along to the Northcote Social Club on March 20 for the launch party.