Remember that kick-ass track from Ou Est Le Swimming Pool called ‘Dance The Way I Feel’?

You’re probably thinking that’s a stupid question right, but did you know that ‘Dance The Way I Feel’ is getting a breathe of new life next month with a DANCE THE WAY I FEEL 2015 REMIXES package, featuring three impressive reworks from three very talented Australian producers; Sydney house purveyors Set Mo, Gold Coast beat-maker PACES and Adelaide’s lord of disco, Luke Million.

Today we have the world premiere of Luke Million‘s disco-fuelled rendition, and it really is something very special.

(R.I.P. Charles Haddon)

Dance The Way I Feel 2015 Remixes will see it’s release toward the end on January, with thanks to etcetc music. Between now and then you can expect the PACES and Set Mo remixes to make their way onto the interwebs and into your ears. | |