Just before Christmas, Australian DJ/Visual Artist EGO shared his latest visual experiment, a rework of the Electric Mantis track ‘Flips And Flops, Drips And Drops,’ melding numerous samples inspired by Maurice Sendak’s seminal children’s book, Where The Wild Things Are.

Just this week EGO kicked-off an eight-date national tour in support of a new video mixtape he’ll be releasing soon called Between Dreams, and we thought it the ideal time to ask him the big question; What was the first CD you ever bought?

My first CD was Phil Collins ‘No Jacket Required.’ I think my parents found it in the discount bin and threw it in alongside my first CD player for a birthday. I‘m sure I wanted Rage Against the Machine but I didn’t really care, I would have been happy with Enya just knowing I was copping her in 44kHz, 16-bit stereo quality.

Regardless, kicking off with ‘Sussudio’, throw in ‘Don’t Lose My Number’, and ‘One More Night’ alongside the rest of Phil in his 80’s synth drum glory and the album’s a pretty sic start to a CD collection / career in karaoke. Plus it probably kicked off my love for stonking backbeats and squirty synth lines.

You know we have to go there right?

And here is the above mentioned ‘Flips And Flops, Drips And Drops’ rework

Between Dreams Tour Dates:
10 Jan // Flinders Social // Townsville
16 Jan // Plantation // Coffs Harbour
23 Jan // Cats, Rocket Bar // Adelaide
24 Jan // The Cliff Dive // Sydney
30 Jan // Homestead // Hobart
31 Jan // Capitol // Perth
06 Feb // Cant Say // Melbourne
13 Feb // Alhambra Lounge // Brisbane

Between Dreams will be seeing its release later on in January.

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