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My First CD with Tycho

Earlier in 2014 we were treated to the stunning new album from San Franciscan team Tycho, titled Awake, it went on to meet everyone’s expectations with absolute finesse.

Tycho are heading Down Under at the end of December for a string of shows, and ahead of this we’ve had the privilege of catching up with one of the Tycho-team, Scott Hansen, asking him what the first CD he ever bought was..

CDs didn’t become commonplace until I had already been buying and listening to music for several years so I don’t really recall which was my first. I think it might have been Rush‘s ‘Chronicles’ (which I already had on tape and was hugely influential for me). My dad had a lot of vinyl so most of the first music I experienced was via that medium.

I think the first music I ever owned was a set of tapes my godfather gave me for Christmas when I was 7 or 8. He included ‘The White Album’, Sgt. Pepper’s ‘Abbey Road’ and ‘Magical Mystery Tour.’ Until that point I had just been listening to my parent’s records and 8-tracks, it was just kind of something that was always there. The Beatles was the first music that really clicked with me, that I sat and listened to intently, that I felt like was my own. I remember listening to ‘Here Comes The Sun’ for the first time, it was this really profound moment where I realised what music appreciation was.

Let’s travel back to 1969 with ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by The Beatles

And now back to 2014 with Tycho‘s new album, Awake

Purchase a copy of Awake now over at Ghostly International.

Tycho will be playing a stack of shows across Australia this December and January – check out their Tour Page for all ticketing info

Tuesday, December 30 – Marion Bay, Falls Festival
Wednesday, December 31 – Lorne, Falls Festival
Thursday, January – Sydney, Field Day
Friday, January 2 – Byron Bay, Falls Festival
Sunday, January 4 – Southbound Festival, Busselton
Thursday, January – The Hi-Fi Bar, Melbourne
Saturday, January 10 – The Hi-Fi Bar, Sydney |

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