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Vincent Coleman – 9 Islands [Album Review + Stream]

author: Carlos Duarte

You know what they say about the quiet ones. They beguile with their demure, inoffensive nature, or, as in the case of Vincent Coleman on 9 Islands, fragile vocals and feather-light synths, before revealing a salacious inner freak that gets the Adina Howard seal of approval.

9 Islands begins with the vanilla essence of ‘Primitive’, a cut brimming with airy, harmonious synths that tenderly carry Coleman’s sweet coos. ‘Freelove’ showcases transcendent harmonies that waft along the earworm hook, while ‘Linear Symmetry’ continues to shine a light on the Vincent’s formidable writing skills.

The musings of life and love begin to darken once ‘Naked Fools’ kicks in. The slow burning, trap flavoured cut fuses steady handclaps with a celestial backing that hypnotizes. Lyrics like “Don’t be afraid to put in work, to take this to a place where it hurts” play on both the physical and emotional aspects of love and things only heat up further once ‘Simmer Down’ kicks into gear. Talk of restraint takes on an order and obey element as Coleman’s R&B tinged timbre weaves in and around the barebones production. ‘Beast’ and ‘Animal’ fluctuate between the docile and dominant, immersing the listener into a primal and decadent realm.

Make no mistake, this nine track set may start off with wistful contemplations of mortality, but the shades of eroticism it reveals excites and intrigues. The exploration of love and lust is expertly handled and creates a record that aches to be experienced.

Rating: ★★★★

Vincent Coleman’s 9 Islands is available now from iTunes. |

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