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DEMS – Muscle Memory [Album Review]

author: Michael Hutchinson

South London trio Dan Moss, David Gardener and Duncan Mann are Dems, and in Muscle Memory have created a handsome and incredibly moving debut album.

‘Sinking In The Sorry’ is initially guided by a deep bass; it is sparse but soothing, becoming expectant halfway through before managing to rescue you by the end. This cool feeling washes over the entire album, a soft breeze that ripples as faint as a heartbeat.

The incessant chant that is ‘Sense Of An Ending’ and ‘Never Have Never Will’ are sensory wonderlands, whilst the build up in ‘Lioness’ manufactures a subtle fearlessness that isn’t heard anywhere else on the record.

Vocalist Dan Moss emits unmeasurable passion throughout, yet more so in ‘Made For Myself’, as his falsetto is ingrained with beautiful ache. Dems invites themselves to be compared to be SOHN’s timid brother; no less emotive, but walks with an arched resilience, as opposed to an affronted strut. It is smoother, calmer, perhaps a little more shy.

The title-track effortlessly sculpts movement whilst offering a sober sound that can shock one back to consciousness and presents a romantic outlook. ‘Desire’ is tinged with a hint of energy whilst still offering airy impressions.

The album is best listened to in solitude, holed up in ones thoughts, without needing to negotiate time. Whilst encouraging one’s own philosophy, Muscle Memory chronicles scenarios of love and death and everything in between in a way that is both delicate yet tantalizing. Here lay ten emotional tracks of unashamed feelings, each layered with deliberate notions and echoes. It says so much with so few words and persuades a calmness that lingers long after it has finished.

Rating: ★★★★

Muscle Memory is available now through the band’s official webstore.

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