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La+ch – Self-titled EP [Review + Stream]

author: Jacqui Wonder.

Following La+ch‘s lush house hit ‘You Are My Summer’, the sonic, futuristic, debut self-titled EP from this producer is a stark contrast, almost a shock – but a good one.

Whisperings of M83 and ZHU across the five track EP make for an eclectic sound that are almost a caricature of the electro genre right now; house tempo’s, a sonic sound, falsetto vocals. Tracks like ‘Hunter’ and ‘Hi-Life’ showcase La+ch‘s many talents, featuring said impossible falsetto from the producer whilst he uses his production skills and handiness with multiple instruments to take things right from down- to up-tempo in both tracks.

It would be remiss to not mention producer buddy DJ Dustbuster who has worked closely with La+ch for much of the EP, including the popular ‘Nights’ – a much more lush sounding track akin to ‘You Are My Summer’. That said ‘Nights’ stands on its own, with its sonic-like backing, classic house keys, and vocals that will help to fast develop a signature sound for La+ch.

My clear highlight of the EP is however La+ch‘s own ‘ROADIIVEGAS’, an addictive track that is all at once spooky, a bit sexy and a bit kooky. The restraint is perfectly measured on this track, so that it creates a headrush when the falsetto squeals, jibberish vocals, bass and synth all come together at once, a perfect culmination of the EP.

Rating: ★★★★

Go pick it up now from iTunes.

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