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MY FIRST CD: Chris Stracey of Bag Raiders

You will all be happy to know that Sydney production duo Bag Raiders are busy at work on their next album. Our Aussies friends will also be happy to hear that the boys will be kicking off their fairly massive ‘Homecoming Summer DJ Tour’ next week.

Before the mayhem begins, we grabbed one of the Raiders, Chris Stracey, to ask what the first CD he ever bought was.

“My first ever CD was Michael Jackson – Dangerous.. I remember my dad took me to this music store close to where we lived on the way back from a football game. I don’t remember if we won or lost the game, that’s not important. What is important is the record store had this sign with a logo made up out of concentric squares. The image is burned into my mind because I used to think about it all the time – I thought it was such a simple but cool design.

Anyway, we went inside and bought “Michael Jackson – Dangerous” for the whole family. I remember putting it on in my dads boom box (back in those days there were boom boxes) and staring at the cover of the record at every detail in the drawing for the whole duration of the record.. I thought it was the coolest thing EVER!

Still to this day one of my favourite music videos of all time (and songs) is Remember the Time. This was surely a defining moment in my life because I don’t remember much from being very young, but I remember this like it was yesterday. The sounds on this record are amazing. The songwriting etc, the videos.. I mean, he was the King of inspiration. But even to look at now, you could get lost in the record cover for hours, like i did.. Wishing it was real”

Now for a taste of what we can expect form the Bag Raiders on their Aussie DJ tour, here’s a recnt mix they put together from their Pacific Festival DJ set.

Bag Raiders - gig banner - acid stag

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