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Klo – Cusp EP [Review]

Words by Vicki Winter.

Melbourne duo Klo just dropped their mesmerising debut EP Cusp after huge success at BIGSOUND and a string of sold out performances. This is only the beginning for cousins Simon Lam and Chloe Kaul, who unexpectedly came together at the push of their mothers after years of little to no contact.

Simon is also one of the creators of the chillwave electro beats of I’lls, so we knew the production would be next level already. Chloe has a voice of a goddess and slings a small youtube following with her hauntingly beautiful covers – our favourite being Lykki Li – ‘I know Places.’ The pairing seems so obvious to everyone else, it is strange that it took them so long to come to it!! Simon initially only met with Chloe for a writing session to humour his insistent mother, then was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to sample her siren like vocals. You’ve got to keep it in the family Si!

Channeling the entrancing airiness of Snakedaktal and the indie sexiness of The Jungle Giants (seriously, Chloe and Cesira may have to dual it out for Bachelorette of the Year next year), the pair have created a luscious and addictive image and sound which you will easily get lost in. The five-track EP includes recently released masterpieces ‘False Calls’ and ‘Under Lie’ with their progressive beats and refreshing composition, which we already know you love! Additional tracks ‘Make Me Wonder’ (first single), ‘Take Us To The Grave’ and ‘Ride/Carry On’ are too hard to choose a favourite out of. ‘Make Me Wonder’ boasts a pulsing rhythm and a pure ethereal quality, while ‘Take Us To The Grave’ has an aura of melting New York glitchy beats, and ‘Ride/Carry On’ is a smokey and subtle conquest.

We can not wait to watch these guys grow, and want to give a huge shout out to their mums for bringing them together. Thanks Mums!

Rating: ★★★★

Our advice is to catch these guys when they perform at upcoming festivals, Strawberry Fields, Beyond the Valley, Melbourne Music Week and Paradise, before they get so big that we can’t afford to see them anymore!

You can (and should) purchase Cusp from iTunes as of this Friday, November 14. |

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