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MY FIRST CD: Emoh Instead of What So Not

The 2014 Stereosonic festival is almost upon us, and we were given the chance to have a chat with another one if the its fine line-up acts, What So Not (aka Emoh Instead and Flume).

What So Not have had a wicked time traveling around the world this year, and we wanted to catch up with them before they started the Stereosonic mayhem. So we asked Emoh Instead what the first CD he ever owned was, and this is what went down…

At age 7, probably my first time in a music store, I convinced my mum to by me the Venga Boys album. Not a major influence though, so lets skip that one….

I think the most prominent record from my childhood was At The Drive In‘s ‘Relationship of Command.’ It was one of my first steps away from mainstream music and into something with a little more substance. They just seemed so wild and unconventional – their stage presence was insane, even on their records they’d play and sing out of tune, with this IDGAF attitude. Everything was gritty and distorted.

I remember seeing a story on their show at Big Day Out (i think 2001) where they walk of stage (at the height of their career) after just 3 songs, because the crowd were being to violent. It was a pretty bold move and quite a statement.

I think this album and subsequently this band had one of the biggest impacts on my development in terms of creativity and artistic expression.

Here is that entire At The Drive In performance at the Big Day Out back in 2001

And with an astonishing 6 million plays, here is What So Not‘s latest single from a few months ago, ‘Jaguwar’

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