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Motion Picture Actress – Hiders Waltz [PREMIERE]

‘Hiders Waltz’ is the exciting new single from Thomas Brydon, a Brisbane-bred electronic producer who’s been making a name for himself as, Motion Picture Actress.

‘Hiders Waltz’ exhibits multiple layers of electronic instrumentation, which have been masterfully arranged by Brydon‘s impressive production techniques. A potent, electronic beat, together with his manipulated vocals add a cavernous texture to the track’s ambiance, shaping an exciting new direction for the Motion Picture Actress sound

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‘Hiders Waltz’ is available to download for a ‘name your price’ deal over at the Motion Picture Actress Bandcamp page, but be sure to show your support by following him on the below socials.

You can also pick up a copy of See Water, the 2013 debut EP from Motion Picture Actress, through Silo Arts Records.

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